SANS Institute Expands Reach in Indonesia through Partnership with Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia is one of official partner of SANS Institute in Indonesia.

 Continuing the last visit, SANS Institute returned to visit Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia (Xapiens) on June 26th, 2023. The Xapiens team warmly welcomed SANS’ team which consisted of Director of Strategy & Business Development, Mr. Matthias Chia, Director of Technical, Mr. Delaney Ng and Business Development Representative for Indonesia, Mr. Kristanto Asmoro. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthening the partnership.

SANS Institute is a leading global organization that specializes in cutting-edge training, certifications, and research in various cybersecurity domains. With over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity training, SANS has accumulated numerous case studies in the field. SANS is also affiliated with the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Certification, which is considered the highest and most rigorous assurance of cybersecurity knowledge and skills for industry, government, and military clients worldwide. In addition, SANS operates the SANS Technology Institute, which focuses on cybersecurity education at the academic level.

Xapiens acknowledged the importance of regular site visits in maintaining a secure and efficient technology infrastructure. The collaborative efforts between Xapiens and its customer ensured a seamless assessment process and a valuable exchange of expertise. Through this joint effort, a robust and secure technology environment is established, enabling the customer to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The collaboration between SANS Institute and Xapiens represents a strong alliance in the realm of cybersecurity and information security training. Xapiens has established itself as a trusted partner in delivering comprehensive cyber security training solutions to the businesses in the region.

 During the meeting, representatives from both organizations engaged in productive discussions and brainstormed ideas to strengthen their partnership and maximize growth potential. Mr. Chia shared valuable insights into SANS’ future plans, emphasizing the importance of aligning strategies to meet the changing market needs.

Strategic planning was another important aspect discussed during the meeting. Both organizations recognized the needs to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. By closely monitoring cybersecurity threats, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes, both SANS and Xapiens aim to develop comprehensive and relevant training programs that are able to meet the ever-evolving necessities of organizations and professionals.

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